Hautau Tilt and Slide Door in Regents Park, London, jamming.

Tilt and Slide running system jamming during sliding operation in Regents Park area of London

Hautau tilt and slide running system with the cover plate removed for observation

The running system for these tilt and slide doors are identified as Hautau runners. Whilst one of the better running systems, they are prone to premature wear if the doors are used incorrectly, either dragged or being forced into the closed or open position.

Left hand closing tilt and slide bogie showing the chassis attached to the door

The runners comprise the wheels which sit on the track, together with swing arms that traject the door into a parallel position to the track.

Tilt and slider runners shown with the track and swing arm sitting on the floor

Due to deterioration, the runners are no longer holding up the weight of the door and it is dragging along the floor.