Aluminium patio sliding door in Archway not sliding

This aluminium patio sliding door in Archway NW5 was not sliding because part of the building Has had issues with subsidence. Two trees had to be removed from the garden because they were causing problems with the back of the house structure. We were then called in to underpin and realign the back of house sliding patio door. The owners had tried to rectify the problem of the sliding panel not sliding by applying lots of grease to the wheels. This on the long term made the problem worse because the grease had congealed around the wheels and over time had picked up all the minute debris and dirt and pushed it into the ball bearings of the wheels causing the wheels damage. As well as underpinning and realigning the sliding panel the wheels also had to be replaced. Also the second static door panel had been pushed outwards from its original position forcing pressure on the sliding panel as it was closed and opened further damaging the wheels. The static panel also had to be repositioned so that it aligned with the sliding panel of the patio door.