Bifold Door Repairs

Over time a bifold door can become faulty for various reasons:

  • Misalignment of  doors and/or gearing

  • Broken or worn hinges

  • Door handle misuse or forced use

Prolonged use with nonalignment can cause stress to parts of the doors and can break supporting joints.

Broken hinges on bifolding doors are a common occurrence. Sourcing hinges and other parts for these doors can sometimes mean obtaining them from abroad as many of the parts are manufactured abroad.

In some cases we will advise our customers to let us do a bespoke repair to a broken hinge or other parts rather than replace because the parts may be discontinued and that would mean replacing all moving parts on the bi-folding doors.

Please feel free to call us for any queries you may have regarding any problems with your Bi-Folding doors on 0782 436 0689


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