Sliding Patio Door Repair Ilford

jamming sliding patio door repair

Sliding patio door dragging when opened and closed

This sliding garden door in Ilford has not been correctly working for a while and has progressively gotten worse over time. When the customer tries to open it the door drags along the bottom track and is very difficult to close or open. Our engineer tried raising the track wheels but with no success. The sliding door will have to be taken out and the wheels at the bottom will need replacing as they have worn away over time. Once the wheels are replaced the door will open and close smoothly as there is nothing wrong with the track or the locking mechanism.

Fixing the wheels on sliding aluminium doors.

Unfortunately in most cases this is not possible. The wheels on sliding patio doors are very robust and uncomplicated which means that not much can go wrong with them except wear and tear. So once they go, they are gone and can only be replaced. The usual life expectancy for sliding door rollers is about 20 years and most sliding door rollers that we replace tend to be about that old.

Our Sliding patio door repair service covers most London areas including Redbridge, Woodford andĀ Gants Hill.