Replacement Parts for Tilt and Slide Doors

Replacement Siegenia Parts
Old worn and new sliding door runners

When replacing parts on tilt and slide doors that are a few years old we find that some of the older units have been discontinued by the manufacturers. In cases such as this in the past and have to be upgraded with the latest available parts.

This can then further complicate the replacement as other components then also have to be purchased in order to make the current Tilt and Slide door parts fit and align with the existing door parts. An example of this would be on many of the doors where the bottom runners (Bogies) need replacing and do not fit onto the existing bottom tracks. In cases such as these a new track would also have to be fitted to replace the old track. This can then create extra cost which can be unavoidable. Another example would be when the Pull-Arms that hold the top of the Sliding door in position need replacing and would then only fit into a newer profile top guiding track.

Our engineers will always try to assess and rectify the situation making whatever necessary repairs and adjustments so as to avoid the extra costs, however in some cases these are unavoidable.

We have listed some of the main Tilt and Slide parts manufacturers for your reference –

Hautau Garant

Siegenia Aubi




GU Gretsch Unitas