Bi-fold Doors – Specialist Repairs

Bi-fold doors consist of many moving parts as part of their operating mechanism.

In cases such as these, it may be more financially viable or necessary to carry out a bespoke repair.

Our skilled engineers have years of experience in carrying bespoke repairs to doors which would otherwise be considered repairable.

in many cases, our engineers have created specialist bespoke parts in our workshop and on site to meet our customer requirements

Customised Bifold Door repair
Bifold Door Repair

Issues with the the Bifold Doors are individually assessed. Customised solutions are sought for even the most difficult repairs.

we aim to provide the most cost effective solution to correct problems with doors, whether they have suffered storm damage, or part have become faulty through misuse.

In some cases poorly installed bifold doors cause the doors to open incorrectly causing premature wear and tear on parts.

We can align doors to compensate for damaged frames and poor installation